Sodashi, a pioneer of clean beauty

Since 1999, our vegan and cruelty-free skincare has been hand-crafted right here in Western Australia, from pure botanical ingredients. When it comes to product, our promise is simple - unique, powerful formulas that nourish the skin on every level to give healthy, radiant skin.

The word ‘sodashi’ is a Sanskrit word translating to ‘wholeness, purity and radiance’, embracing the mind, body and spirit of each person rather than merely treating the skin.

Beauty With Intention

A key ingredient in Sodashi skincare is the intention that goes into the product. Below are our seven values that we practice everyday.

Sodashi is not just exceptional ingredients and extraordinarily unique formulas, we put our heart into everything we do and every interaction we have. We strive to create a working environment that people love being a part of, and a culture in which people can flourish.

We do the right thing always. Even when it’s hard, when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient, and even when nobody will know any better.

In every action, we aim to be thoughtful, respectful and sensitive. We care how people feel and consider the impact of our words and actions on others. We aspire to always surprise and delight. Sodashi exists because of its staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers. How we make them feel correlates to our success.

We are a small part of something bigger.  We remain teachable, knowing that we do not have all the answers. We serve others and exist for their good as well as our own. We are generous and helpful.

We use the finest natural ingredients sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner to formulate our products. We stand by the purity of our ingredients, and every single one is listed on the label.

We are always evolving as a business, as individuals and as a brand. There are no mistakes only lessons. We like to ask why, and look for better ways and better ideas that will move us forward.

At its core, Sodashi is nourishing. We believe that creating skin care in its most natural state is the finest nourishment for beautiful skin, intact with all of the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. Sodashi is about total health, it goes beyond nourishing the physical body, it nourishes the soul, the senses, the mind and spirit. Sodashi is alive with the intelligence of nature.

Sodashi Philosophy

Sodashi seeks to nurture and celebrate each individual’s unique beauty. Every time you use Sodashi, it serves as a reminder that you are beautiful, that you are appreciated and that you are worthy of a nourished life.

Blending with the purest ingredients

We believe in holding ourselves to very high standards in terms of choosing ingredients and formulations that support our health. Not one synthetic chemical is used in the Sodashi manufacturing process and no products are ever tested on animals.

Lovingly Hand-Crafted

Each product is lovingly crafted on our own premises and each batch is a one off production.  There is no compromise on the ingredients; we guarantee what goes in and importantly what stays out.

No two batches are identical because each natural ingredient differs on a molecular level depending on the harvest; the soil, the climatic conditions, the air quality, all have an effect. The differences are to be celebrated.

Trusted by the World’s Finest Spas

Sodashi products and therapies are found in some of the world’s most renowned and luxurious Spa’s such as The Siam in Bangkok, Jumeirah in Maldives, Conrad in Seoul, Rosewood in London, Tazi Palace in Marocco, Four Seasons Kyoto in Japan, Four Seasons Firenze in Italy. For more locations in Europe, please visit this page.

Our Founder

Megan Larsen began making her own natural skincare products in Western Australia in the early 1990s.

Like many start-up founders before her, she sought to create the product she couldn’t find for herself at the time – a 100 per cent natural skin cream that wouldn’t irritate her skin in the ways other products did, while also delivering genuine results.

When visitors to her healthcare shop started commenting on her skin and asking her what she was using, she knew she’d gotten the formulation right. Those were the first seeds of what would become Sodashi (which means wholeness, purity and radiance in Sanskrit).